Colors, Patterns, Cool Designs. It’s Your World. Make It Amazing. 
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Talk to a Product Designer

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    Need more product information before you decide?

    We’ll provide it. DesignerGreek carries only the highest quality, name brand products and stands behind everything we decorate.

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    Can’t figure out which t-shirt brand to go with?

    We’ll help you. We have resource guides and color swatches on hand and can walk you through the selection process.

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    Organizing your chapter apparel order?

    We’ll guide you every step of the way. With unbeatable customer service, supreme quality, and amazing designs, we'll make the ordering process easy and worry-free.

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    Colors? Patterns? Designs?

    We've got you covered. Choose from hundreds of unique products & gifts, gorgeous fabrics for your sewn-on letters and pocket tees, and stunning designs for all your printed and embroidery needs. Samples swatches are available upon request and all designs are customizable for every organization.

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    Sewn-on Letters? Embroidery? Printed Designs?

    We’re pros at all three. You'll love the way we sew and print and can help you decide which decoration type is best for you and/or your chapter.

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    Looking for a completely new look?

    We’re on it. Let our design team bring your ideas to life. Be sure to include your design details and we'll begin the collaborative process with you!